A Book Review – by Karen Elliott

More from our Village of Spencers Wood by the Spencers Wood Local History Group – a review by Karen Elliott of Lambs Lane School

I was delighted to have been asked to review this book by the Spencers Wood Local History Group.  Having taught at Lambs Lane Primary School for the past 13 years I have got to know the village and its families very well so it was a real pleasure to look at the many photographs and read so much about its history.

The fourteen chapters, written by different members of the group, range in topics from the earliest known history of the village to the opening of Oakbank School in 2012 with chapters on the Natural Environment and various building, institutions and communities in between.  The book is full of maps, quotes, memories and information about the village, but for me it is the huge number of photographs that make it a fascinating read.  With the many ‘then’ and ‘now’ pictures it gives a real insight into how things have changed and continue to change in the area.  In particular, I have started to look at the older houses in a completely different way – imagining the families that used to live in them and how their lives were different to the families that live in them today!Loddon Reach

The members of the Group have clearly done a huge amount of research and each chapter is well referenced for anyone wanting to do further work.  It is easy to ‘dip into’ for anything of particular interest whilst also being a good read which is very well illustrated.   I thoroughly enjoyed the book and would recommend it to anyone who not only has an interest in local history but in the village of Spencers Wood with its many characters, buildings and institutions that have made it the village it is today.

Spencers Wood Local History Group was pleased to receive this review about their latest book amongst other comments such as the professional presentation of the book.  Some people have been seen walking around The Square clutching the book and admiring the brickwork, not once but twice!  Apparently, the lending of the library’s copy has been popular.  Others have given us further information and names.  Thank you everyone for your comments. Our website will have more feedback with more information as people respond to the book.

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