Help needed!

We were given a photograph from the family of Janice Cane of 60 Clares Green Road, Spencers Wood.  Janice passed away just before Christmas, and this was in her effects.

We were hoping that one of you could identify where it was taken & who are the people having tea? They look like they are celebrating! Were you one of the children? If so, please get in touch! We would love to hear from you!

Donated Image from Janice Cane
Janice Cane donated image

Spencers Wood Football Teams

Back in the July issue of Loddon Reach, the monthly article about Spencers Wood Football Team whose supporters had raised £1800 for the club prompted me to look up their website.  I was amazed to see so many teams featured there unlike in 1919 and 1922 when Spencers Wood had only one team.

Spencers Wood Football Team 1922


The team in 1922 consisted of C W Turner, who was vice-captain, F Benham, G Smith, H J Thatcher, S Double, H Cole, W Underwood, R Evans, W East, H S House, C E Double (Captain), and Geoff Day. The Secretary was Jack Povey.  Jack Povey features in our new book in the chapter on the United Reformed Church when it was the Congregational Chapel.


The second photograph features practically the same team except for H S House who is replaced with P Double instead.  This team in 1919, were visiting Brock Barracks in Oxford Road, Reading, home of the Berkshire Regiment, to play against the soldiers there and they are pictured placing a wreath on the memorial for World War I just inside the gate arch.  Some members of the team lost a family member as a J T Double and E Benham died in the Great War and are commemorated on the board that stands outside St Michael’s and All Angels Church.  This board used to be displayed inside and later on, outside the Chapel.  H Cole may well have been a relative of the Reverend Cole from the Chapel also. The 1922 photograph, was given to us by Sam Poulter who married into the Double family and the 1919 photograph was in the local paper in 1969, fifty years later.

The article about the Day and Marcham family has prompted a response from another member of the Day family which we can add to our memories file.

Margaret Bampton

Swallowfield Bypass

Did you go to Spencers Wood Carnival this year?

Did you see the Local History Stand?

SWLHG Stand at Spencers Wood Carnival
SWLHG Stand at Spencers Wood Carnival

Our group takes a stand at many local events and we love to see you and talk to you. We enjoy meeting you. Many well-established residents come and look at our displays and sometimes point out a slight mistake. New residents come and gaze in wonder at all the green fields that their houses now stand on.

One gentleman, who lived in Spencers Wood as a little boy, regularly comes to visit us and nearly always brings us some of his memories. He writes them very neatly in long hand. This year he was enquiring about some cottages that were opposite Lambs Lane School and sadly we had to say they had been demolished many years ago.

One of our display boards was about the development of the Swallowfield bypass and it was of great interest to many who passed by. One of our members had found a booklet about it and we transferred the information onto the board so that we could share it.

The bypass was constructed in 1978. It had been on the ‘cards’ for a long time because the old A33 was inadequate for the volume of traffic that traversed it every day. It had 3.6 km of continuous double white lines, 19 substandard bends and numerous junctions. Then when the M4 and Junction 11 were opened, the traffic increased even more and there was a public outcry for some relief. In fact, one frustrated farmer put up a notice board requesting motorists ‘to do their driving on the road’.

In the next few months, we hope to publish a new edition of our Spencers Wood Village Book. We should have some copies with us at the next Spencers Wood Carnival.

Mary Wheway



Cubs in Spencers Wood?

Were you ever part of the Cubs or Scouts in Spencers Wood? We have had a photograph kindly donated by David Blomley of Farley Hill from 1973. Two of his sons went to Mrs Hendersen’s Cubs every week.

This photograph is of the whole cub pack, and we need your help in naming the boys!!

You can see David’s son, Tom Blomley in the front row, 2nd from the left in the v-necked jumper. His other son, Nicholas, is standing just behind Tom, in the next row back. Both boys attended Lambs Lane in their early years, then moved on to Crossfields. The only other cub we’ve so far been able to name, is one of the group’s son, Alan Wheway, who is right at the back!

Do you recognise yourself? Did you attend one of Mrs Henderson’s cub packs over the years? Did you enjoy it? This bunch look like they had lots of fun!  Get in touch if you have any stories to share, or can name any of the boys!

(Our thanks go to David Blomley for the print)

Cubs Pack in 1973