Photographs in Loddon Reach – February 2020

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There are two items of interest to the Group in February’s Loddon Reach.  The first one is the two sporting photos which Martin Clements would like identified of Three Mile Cross Football Club and Spencers Wood Cricket Club.  The cricket club one appeared in our first history book published in 2001 and we did not know the names of the players either.   We have since found out that the umpire was Albert Edward Benham and he was probably a local man.  We had another picture in the book of when Denis Compton opened the new pavilion at the Recreation Ground.  Underneath this picture there is another team picture but of the Youth Team and we were able to identify most of this team.  Some of these names can be applied to the Denis Compton picture namely, Tony Dyer, Geoff Purslow and Brian Rebeck(?).  Lastly, our book showed a cartoon by ‘Areff’ when the pavilion was opened.  The pavilion will be removed and rebuilt early this summer and it has lasted for 21 years. Shinfield Parish Council issued a report in 1991when the ‘new’ pavilion was officially opened in October 1991.


They reported that it took two years in the planning and a good squeeze of the Council’s money box for it to be born.  (The new building will be funded with the CIL money from the new housing.)  It was to be known as the Spencers Wood Pavilion.  It provided a flexible range of rooms and facilities such as the largest room is dedicated to youth activities with storage and tuck shop with an all-weather play area with basket ball facilities.  It has a meeting room with a boardroom table to accommodate 18 people and two interlinked rooms for use together or separately.  There is a large kitchen including a baby changing facility which is shared by users.  Toilets and two showers and storage were also provided.  There was car parking for 17 vehicles.    The large youth room was supporting a youth drop-in on Monday and Tuesday evenings and hosting a Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme on Thursdays.  The board room was being used for council meetings several evenings a month.  A play group was occupying the twin room and could be used as changing rooms for sports events or for birthday parties etc.


The other item in Loddon Reach is the 75th Anniversary of World War II being held in May and the Group is hoping to participate in this event.  WWII appeared as an article in our current book and we have more anecdotes about the war to reveal.


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