Judd Sawmills
Judd Sawmills

Taken from “Old Glory” – Steam & Vintage Preservation Magazine

July 2014 – No293, p35

The Lucky Survivors

No. 8777 1933 Reg JB 1655

New to H Judd & Son of Spencers Wood, Berkshire in July 1933 and in 1947 acquired by RM Woolley and named Old Bill. Subsequently bought for preservation and now in private ownership in SW England.

During the War the tractor-unit was requisitioned for war service.

A group of workers from Judd’s taken during World War Two at some time after 1941. The tree has been inscribed with a “V” for victory and below that the letter “v” in morse code as well as “H.G.W.”, the owner’s initials and the words “Hitler’s Coffin”. This was the date when the first notes of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony were first adopted on the radio as code for “V” for Victory.