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Have you seen all of the web site? And did you know that the group have their own email?

Our group consists of a few members – Barry Boulton, Lesley Rolph, Jackie Blow, Catherine Glover, Mary Wheway, Margaret Bampton, Jeannie Brice, Patricia Green and Sheila Davis.

We are primarily a research group, meeting just once a month and more information about how our small group works is in the “about section”.

The Blog Section carries our articles from Loddon Reach section, but the site features other pieces of research (under Projects ) from:-

Our Village of Spencers Wood (now sold out)

The Local History Group
The Local History Group

The History of Lambs Lane 1908-2008

Celebrating the Centenary of Ryeish Green School

A History of Three Mile Cross Methodist Church

Our Current Research Project is investigating our

2nd Village Book

It has taken us quite a while in the research and publication, but we hope it will be worth it. Anticipated publication date is October 2016.

There are features on local people through verbally taken histories – have a look and see who you can spot!

Trades, shops, census, development and enclosures are also a part of the remit that we hope to continue to investigate once the book has been published.

We also have the previous events that were at & the ones will be at this year – Look for our 2016 dates!

Since the launch of the site, it has been a real place where the group has gathered information from outside the locality, examples such as contact made from Argentina, Australia, Canada, and Cumbria!

One of our original “poster girls” was re-united with her great-nephew, after many years and miles apart.

We do seek to include many photographs. Many historical pictures are donated to us at local events for safekeeping, whilst also taking images other ephemera such as deeds, of our own as the environs changes around us. As a group we attend most local events – St Michaels and All Angels Church Fete (Saturday 16th July) and the Spencers Wood Carnival (Saturday 17th September).

Whilst we can’t display all of them, we do our best. We were set up to retain the “local” feel of the village, and are very passionate about that. It is so lovely to hear of people that have lived here all of their lives, and we are sharing their stories with individuals that are newly moving into the area.

Our books contain many of the villagers memories – thank you for all them, we really couldn’t do them without your lovely contributions!

If you find anything you think we should see or if you have some feedback for us, email ( us through our Contacts page.

You’ll always get a reply!