A number of people have kindly donated images and other resources to the Group – as well as as resources that have been created or collected by members of the Group themselves.  On this page we will be making available resources which we hope will be useful to those studying the history of Spencers Wood and neighbouring villages and the families that have lived here.

Listed Buildings in Shinfield Parish

Listed Buildings in Shinfield Parish (NDP Appenix Y)  This list has been downloaded from the Shinfield Neighbourhood Development Plan.  The Neighbourhood Plan is available on the Parish Council Website.

Local Walks

A Walk up Basingstoke Road is the first of what is planned to be a series of local walks with a historical theme.  This walk is based on a contribution by Margaret Bampton to the Loddon Reach magazine intended as a guide for those less familiar with the history of the village while we are all restricted by the Covid19 virus.

The Clements Family

Below are images of members of the Clements Family which were kindly donated to to the Group.  If you have resources or information which you think might be of interest to the Group please contact us – for more information about the Clements Family and other Village families and characters can be found in “More from Our Village of Spencers Wood”.

The Clements Family Golden Wedding (Berryl Odell)
Arthur and Annie Clements August 1949
Susan Clements
Susan Clements