Photos, document and links which we hope will be useful to those researching Family and Local History of Spencers Wood and neighbouring villages and the families that have lived here.

Listed Buildings in Shinfield Parish

Listed Buildings in Shinfield Parish (NDP Appenix Y)  This list has been downloaded from the Shinfield Neighbourhood Development Plan.  The Neighbourhood Plan is available on the Parish Council Website.

Local Walks

One of the outcomes of the recent housing development has been an increase in the number of people who can be seen out walking locally.  A Walk up Basingstoke Road is based on a contribution by Margaret Bampton to the Loddon Reach magazine intended as a guide for those less familiar with the history of the village who want to get to know their local area.

Shinfield Parish Council has started publishing a series of local history walks. The first two, St.Mary’s Church and Deardon Orchard and Three Mile Cross, which the Group helped to develop are available free of charge from the Parish Office and other Council outlets.


Census Records

For a number of years different members of the Group have been working on transcribing the census records relating to Spencers Wood and other neighbouring villages. The intention is to publish the transcrptions here over the coming months, starting with the 1841 census.


We have an extensive collection of photographs, some dating back to the beginning of the twentieth century – possibly including earlier images of where you live! Contact us if you would like to make arrangements to view them.

Below are a collection of photographs by Chris Bukin, aged 8 years, taken in 1971/2 – the winning entry in a photographic competition organised by Lambs Lane School.