Our Village of Spencers Wood

In 2001 the group published its first history of the village entitled “Our Village of Spencers Wood”. Although all copies have sold out, we are currently researching a new book which will hopefully include updates on certain areas in the village. Please look on the New Village Book page for further details.

The Jubilee Oak was planted in 1897 to commenorate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubliee

The book features A Walk through The Village by Cecil Prior- born 1908 – it starts at Lambs Lane School , and goes along the Basingstoke Road past significant buildings that would have been around at the time he was growing up – London House Stores, the Post Office, The Red Lion Public House, Harrisons, The Congregational Church, Adeys, the Library, the Blacksmiths, the Farriers Arms, St Michaels & All Angels Church, the Hop Inn (this is not a definitive list!)- some are still there and others are not, ending up at Ryeish Green School. Whilst this book is now out of print, you can come to any of the Events to meet us and we always have it on display!It also has some personal recollections of life in the village by residents past and present, to whom we are most grateful for sharing their memories with us – to them it may only seem a small thing but when weaved with others it makes a tapestry of life in Spencers Wood!

The early group was made up of Barbara Debney, Jill Sylvester, Margaret Bampton and Jackie Blow. They did all the early research for this book.

They originally started researching into St Michael’s and All Angels Church, and then the project grew and grew!

The first book was finally published in The Farrier’s Arms in Old Basingstoke Road during January 2002.

Early Days of Group - Reading Chronicle 26 May 1998
Early Days of Group – Reading Chronicle 26 May 1998

If you have any fond memories

Book Launch - Reading Weekend Post 11 January 2002
Book Launch – Reading Weekend Post
11 January 2002

that you would like to share, like Elaine & Debbie, please see our Contact page for the various ways of getting in touch.


Thanks go to all those that continue to help us with our research.