Lambs Lane Book

The History of Lambs Lane School 1908-2008

The Spencers Wood Local History Group was formed to study the history of the village and how life changed from the beginning of the 20th century. One of these changes lay around the education system. With Lambs Lane School celebrating its centenary year in 2008, it seemed like an obvious choice after the success of the first village book!

This book is STILL AVAILABLE!!! Click here to order a copy. Only £5 plus postage and packing, or from Spencers Wood Post Office, Basingstoke Road, Spencers Wood.

Members of the History Group with children from Lambs Lane at launch of book, standing in front of a collage that the children had put together of historical pictures.The children dressed up in the original clothes they would have worn on at the time.Older generations who had previously attended the school were invited along for a day of memories.


Jackie Blow’s family have been connected with Lambs Lane School for the past 100 years with both her grandmother, Louisa Elizabeth Snell and her great aunt, Ethel Florence Snell attending the school on the opening day on 1st April 1908. Louisa’s son, Jackie’s uncle, also attending the school and all three of Jackie’s children attended – Sarah, James and Lauren. Jackie wrote the introduction to the book.



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