Further improvements to website

In an attempt to make information easier to find we are consolidating previous posts on the Group’s Blog and publishing them in a new area on the website Our Village time Time. So far two themes have been completed, the first on The Village in War Time gathering together previous posts on the Great War and Second World War, including the letter from Maria Antonia Bertoni on her father’s experience as an Italian POW held at Stanbury Camp. The second theme to be completed is Settlement and landscape, bringing together posts on the many changes that have affected the village and surrounding countryside over the years. Future themes will include farms and farming and leisure and recreation.

If there are further improvements that you would like to see please leave a comment below or get in touch through our email.

Left: Woodcock Lane

Starting out again

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It’s more than a year since our last post.  Like so many other organisations the Local History Group has not been able to meet for many months but we are now up and running again.

We recently took part in two events: the Communi-Tea Cafe at Spencers Wood Village Hall on 18th September and St.Michael’s Church Fete on 25th September.

Future events will be published on our website. In the meanwhile why not visit the People section of the website and read about the life of Pioneering Nurse Louisa Parsons, 1855-1916 who was buried in Shinfield after serving in Egypt, South Africa and the USA.

VE Day and the Impact of the War on the Village

Although Shinfield’s VE Day Commemorations had to be cancelled due to the current restrictions we’ve taken the opportunity to update our website to create an area about the impact of the Second World War, and the Great War, on the Village and its residents.  This includes information from previous posts including accounts of evacuees and the impact of the wars on our village schools as well as new information.

The former United Reform Chapel, Basingstoke Road

We’ve also created a new Resources area on the website which will contain free downloadable files and information. With so many people taking advantage of the current restrictions to explore the area by bike or on foot, the first item to be uploaded is a history-focused walk along the Basingstoke Road.

Some people may feel that somewhere like this doesn’t have much of a history to speak of but we would beg to differ. All along the Basingstoke Road from Three Mile Cross to Swallowfield there are hints and clues to be found which add interest to an afternoon’s walk, for instance the old orchards that used to grow where Apple Tree Lane now stands, a reminder of the village’s former history of market gardening. No need to walk the whole distance in one go but if you’re feeling energetic…

Jeremy Saunders, May 2020